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World’s smallest, most advanced blood electrifier after Dr. R. C. Beck
The miniZAP® LCD complies with the specifications of late Dr. Robert C. Beck, inventor of the so called blood zapper (Beck zapper). The miniZAP® is carried like a wrist watch and sets new standards in terms of comfort, flexibility, information display and performance. The microprocessor controlled Beck zapper outputs an electric current of up to 1000 µA, which induces far more than the critical 50-100 µA of electrifying current within the blood vessels of the wrist pulse. Not only the output meets the specifications, given by late R. C. Beck, but also the specially designed gold electrodes and a custom made conductivity gel ensure an concentrated energy transfer with minimized losses in the surrounding tissue. The miniZAP®’s small dimensions and extreme light weight of only 23 g were achieved by using the very latest IC technology, which has become available only recently. The miniZAP® is manufactured and has been designed entirely in Germany. It’s extremely robust and reliable and comes with a five years guarranty.


Why a “mini” Beck zapper?
The Beck zapper has to be applied up to six weeks in a row, for two and more hours daily (= 80+ hours in total). Hence, we regard it as mandatory to minimize size and weight and optimize the device’s intelligence, so that it can be carried unobstrusively in all situations, without even thinking of it (unless you are explicitely asked to explain your “cool gadget” ;-). The miniZAP® LCD is the world’s first Beck Zapper powerd by a standard 3V battery cell. However, do not be fooled by the word “mini” - its maximum output of 1000 µA is much higher, than you can bear comfortably (400-600 µA are considered to be the comfort limit, even whith low skin resistance, achieved by applying ample conductive gel). Due to its sophisticated layout, operation costs are extremely low (the miniZAP® LCD’s battery lasts for well over 100 hours at 400 µA current output). The miniZAP® LCD is the only device with a 100% true constant current control.
The new LCD display is a “world’s first” for a Beck zapper. The exact monitoring of current, voltage, time and operation signals assure a hassle free and very safe operation during the six weeks of application.
See the
FAQ section for further information.


Start zapping within minutes!
The miniZAP®
LCD comes with an elaborated manual which includes a quick start operation guide, batteries and everything included you need for instant application.

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International Order FAQ

Can I purchase the miniZAP® from outside Germany?

Sure! If you don’t know a domestic dealer, we can ship directly to you, world-wide, in more than 200 countries, tax free, via DPD.

What are the costs in USD?

The miniZAP® LCD costs 299.00 EUR incl. tax, or 251 EUR net. You can convert this into your currency with a conversion rate calculator. Freight is about 45.00 EUR net.

Why is the miniZap listed as 269.10 on the product page and as 299.00 at checkout?

The 269.10 are only displayed on the categorie’s page. It is the lowest offer for a unit, if bought in a set of 3. If you click on the item details, you’ll see the discount table. The 299.00 on checkout is the single unit price, including tax. Once you enter a Non EU country (e.g. USA) and/or your VAT#, the cart will show the tax free price.

Which payments do you take?

VISA, MASTER, AMEX, Paypal, T/T (wire) and others. See shop.

Can I purchase the battery and gel elsewhere? What are your costs?

You can get the batteries everywhere, as they are standard. The gel is special quality, but you can use ordinary one, too. We recommend to order 2-3 extra batteries and gels tubes. Please look up the costs in the shop.

Where to look up the total costs?

In the shopping cart at

How long is the warranty?

5 years on the miniZAP ®, 1 year on the remaining parts.

Who will repair the zapper, should it fail?

Send it back to NU LIFE as registered letter. We’ll repair it instantly and ship it back to you free of costs (should it be a warranty case).

How long does the shipment take?

About 2-3 working days.

Is the zapper’s manual in English?

Sure. Check the manual.

With which parts does the miniZAP® LCD come?

  • 1 miniZAP® LCD - Beck Zapper with battery
  • 2 Gold electrodes (22K)
  • 1 Elektrode cable
  • 1 Velcro wrist band
  • 1 Gel tube 50 ml
  • 1 Manual in German and English

Are there any auxilliary products?

We recommend the miniSilver®, the pureZone® ozonator, the Aquaphaser® water ionizer and the magnetic pulser (see shop).



Different from a radionics zapper
In contrary to the heavily cited Rife or Clark Zappers, the miniZAP® is not a frequency (or radionics) device. A blood electrifier according to Dr. R. C. Beck is specially designed to increase the blood’s zeta potential, thereby a) isolating all micro organisms into “electrically charged bubbles” which are easy targeted by the white blood cells, and b) restoring the erythrocytes’ (blood cells’) transport capacity for oxygen, nutrients and metabolism waste products. The recommended daily blood zapping of two hours gives the immune system a sufficient time frame to effectively purify the blood picture. Amazing changes within several weeks are frequently reported by users who have their blood picture analysed through dark field microscopy before and after.
Rife or Clark generators function by a completely different principle: they are basically
bioresonance or radionics devices, which apply frequencies between 30-1000 kHz to the body’s skin, but do not release µA currents into the blood and are not designed to improve the zeta potential or blood picture. Different from a radionics zappers, a blood zapper is based on sound physics and patented research (Kaali and Lyman, 1995).

Customers’ feedback
“Thank you for your advice. I spend lot of time looking [around the web]. You have the best!!” - Regards Peter Lockwood (5.5.08)

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