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Your first shopping and information address for the miniZAP ®, the world’s smallest and yet most powerful zapper after the specifications of Dr. R. C. Beck.
Ask us for special conditions for resellers, therapists, physicians.

miniZAP® parts list:

1 miniZAP® LCD incl. 3V battery
1 velcro-wrist fastener
2 high quality gold electrodes
1 tube electrode gel
manual V1.3
1 durable transport case

All prices incl. 19% German tax.
EU: only free with VAT#
excl. 19%, VAT Free!

Freight (through DPD Parcel service):
within DE free of charge for orders above 150,- EUR!
EU-countries: 10,- €
Switzerland and third countries 16,- €
COD (only DE and AT) 7,- €

Customs: Non-EU: 15,- €

 (Don’t forget to add freight and to substract 2% discount) Bank transfer from abroad: All costs have to be covered by the customer.

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miniZAP® LCD: 299,00 EUR (251,26 net) - Advantages and improvements of LCD version vs Standard
miniZAP® Standard 199,00 EUR (167,22 net) - discontinued / as long as stock lasts
miniZAP® upgrade 149,00 EUR (125,21 net): Ship your standard version (without accessories) to NU LIFE and receive the LCD in return.

According to Dr. Robert C. Beck the following accompanying products could be helpful:


Blue Puls magnetic pulser hand device according to Dr. Beck. Pulses every 1.5 seconds with strong magnetic field and therefore has about the double inductive power than the SOTA MPG5 pulser (direct comparison of induction).


Alcaline Ionic water (antioxidant, de-aciding, 6fold hydrating power) + Colloidal Silver highest quality, very fast production.

Alkaline water has greater energizing power than an ozonized water, because it has increased redox potential -ORP - of -200 mV, a reduced surface tension and higher pH level of 9-10 (instead of acidic 6.5, thereby hydrating and deacidifying much stronger than ozone water. For disinfection purposes, you may use the acidic water, which disinfects much stronger and lasting than ozone water alone, because it contains ozone, peroxide, oxygen and chlordioxide at the same time. It is used in hospitals for sterilizations and in agriculture (mammals protection).

miniZAP® + Silver-Set (49,- €)
Statt 328,- € nur
319,- €

Silver set with 2mm massive rods 99,99%


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