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While Dr. Beck endorsed drinking ozonated water, we took this philosophy a step further and promote the Aquaphaser ® water ionizer series for completion of the Beck protocol. The Beck Protocol includes adding ozone to a glass of cold water to increase the  amount of oxygen in the water before we drink it. The purpose is to simply flush toxins from the  system more quickly.

Ionizied water surpasses the ozonated water in all its aspects, be it in terms of energization or in terms of disinfective and cleansing power. It is simply derived by electrodialysis of normal tap water, creating two opposite phases: an alkaline and an acidic phase. The acidic phase (anolyt) contains not only ozone, but also dissolved oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and dissolved chlorium dioxide. Due to this fourfold synergy, acidid water is prefered over ozone in regard to its disinfecting power. Acidid water has a  high oxidating ORP of +900 mV, similar to that of ozone.

The alkaline phase (catholyte) of the Aquaphaser has a very high pH value of 10 and more, a very high redox potential of -850 mV and a reduced surface tension. It is the perfect means for “H.E.M.A.” = Hydration, Electrification, Mineralization, Alkalization. The oxygene level of the body’s tissue is only increased temporary by ozone. Longer lasting effects can be achieved by increasing the pH level of the tissue through alkalization. An increase of 1 pH mark (factor 10!) triggers a increase of 20% oxygen within the body’s tissue. It lowers the bodies inner resistance down to 500 Ohm and thereby increases the effect of the miniZAP blood electrifier synergetically.

With alkaline water, you can lose weight fast, because

  • the acid depots are dissolved.
  • the ionized calcium has an optimum effectiveness in fat metabolism.
  • the colon is cleansed effectively by action of the surface reduced water.


Ozonator with 600 mg/hr performance

Aquaphaser® Multi with
additional colloidal silver mode, 230 V.

Both devices can be easily used in 110 V countries with a low cost voltage converter