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Who was Dr. Beck?

During his outstanding career as physicist, scientist and inventor, Dr. Beck worked on government projects, ran his own company and was lecturer at universities. He is the only double winner of the “J.G. Gallimore Award for Scientific Achievements” of the U.S. Psychotronics Association (the second time he won it in 1998) and 1990 he won the “John Fetzer Foundation Pioneering Award” for his contributions to brain science. As a young university student he invented the electronic flash with low voltage - he can be considered as father of modern flash photography.

After abandoning his career in 1993 he risked name and fame with his researches on the field of microcurrent technology for health reasons, after he had learned that there had been conducted successful eperiments on Albert Einstein University for Medicine. All public data on the results of the experiments were withdrawn quickly, but Dr. Beck discovered, that there had been a patent application.

He developed a health protocol based on that technology. The health benefits were quickly obvious for him and his associates. He founded a research society and conducted a study. The results of this study were never published, due to political and other reasons. The method he developed would permit everyone with self responsibility for their health to make their own research. Dr. Beck died om 23.06.2002 at age of 77 years by heart attack (the exact circumstances are disputed still).



Why a “mini”?

Although there are numerous Beck zappers on the market, there was a need for a practical high end device for daily use. The challenge in the ongoing development of the miniZAP® (since 2003) was to eliminate the hurdle of DAILY USE by simplyfying operation and carrying. Every extra need of attention (i.e. long cables, heavy weight, operation surveillance) increases the probability of interrupting the recommended daily routine, not to mention the amazed and kind of amused gaze of peopole. The miniZAP ® not only is much smaller than any other device on the market, but is the only device to allow multiple surveillance of operation and a guaranteed quality of treatment (constant current control). The miniaturization is mandatory when it comes to daily use. Together with its special electrodes the miniZAP® offers an unmatched price/performance ratio. This is shown by a recent comparison chart with eight other Beck zappers.

Is the miniZAP® powerful enough?

The miniZAP® model “Dr. Beck” achieves 800 µA output current, which is far beyond the normal tolerance level (see next question). With its up to 35 V output voltage it surpasses all bigger zappers. Not the battery weight, but the stored mAh are decisive, as well as the electronical efficiancy, with which this is used (without high quality parts, the major part of the battery potential is converted into useless heat enery).



Which current is needed?

In the bottom line, you need only 50-100 µA for blood electrification. For this, 400 µA, flowing through the wrist electrodes, are enough. Dr. Beck stated in some interviews, that “several milliamperes” are needed, but courtesy of miniZAP LCD’s exact reproduction of power (with an accuracy of 3%) it could be shown, that the pain threshold of 90% of the continuous users is around 400 µA (with conductive gel). The miniZAP achieves with its 1000 µA output current a strength, which exceeds normal pain threshold and skin tolerance by far. 200 - 400 µA are sensed very strongly and are recommended by us (Beck himself advised to use a comfortable strength). All settings above 600 µA (the 12fold of minimal current) causes skin redness and burns and leads to premature program abortion, even with extensive use of conductive gel. At 400 µA, while applying fresh conductive gel, the miniZAP raises Voltage to 10 V. According to R = U / I that corresponds to a 25 kOhm skin resistance. For 3000 µA, one would need theoretically up to 75 Volts (!). Anyone, who is claiming to use more than 600 µA continuously, hasn’t made their homework of realtime measuring the current with the miniZAP LCD.
Of great importance is also the electrodes’ cross section, which is responsible for the current being transfered directly into the blood, instead of the surrounding tissue. The miniZAP comes with
special electrodes.



Why doesn’t the miniZAP® produce colloidal silver?

In its first version the miniZAP® was in deed a combined device. It became obvious though, that a quick production of colloidal silver with high consumption of current is only useful with adapter. Therefore we offer as an add-on a very affordable, yet comfortable, powerful and compact colloidal silver generator, as well as our colloidal silver generator flagship, the Aquaphaser which is the only commercial home use device to work with 230 V pulsed DC. There are devices on the market which combine a magnetic pulser, a cs generator and a zapper in one device. This is far from being rational and effective. All functions require very specific technology, so the only common denominator of the different devices is their container.



Blood electrification or bioresonance?


There are two basic opposing zapper philosophies: out there: The “blood elektrification” according to Dr. R. C. Beck and the “radionic Bioresonance methode” according to Dr. Clark and Rife. Both are wide spread and compared multiple times.

The Beck zapper works with now frequency of about 4 Hz (half of Schumann frequency, kompatibel zu den Thetawellen des Gehirns) und einer biologisch wirksamen Stromstärke die über den Puls in den Körper induziert wird. Entscheidend ist der tatsächliche Stromfluß innerhalb des Blutes, wie er u.a. auch bei Magnetfeldbehandlung entsteht und wissenschaftlich vielfach untersucht wurde.

A ”bioresonance zapper” doesn use electric current, but bioresonance or radionic frequencies (60-800 kHz). Deletion of frequencies may be explained by radionic interference but the micro organisms survive a mere overlay of frequencies. It is not likely that resonance frequencies can harm bacteria in any way. The imune system is catching the parasites and destroying them in the liver thermically. Parasites can only be hindered by hiding themselves in the red blood cells by charging them through blood electrification.



Beckzapper with Frequencies?

A Beck zapper or Blood zapper works by effective electric current, measured in µA (micro Ampere, a millionth of an Ampere). It is very different from bio resonance or radionics (see above), therefore it doesn’t make much sense to include any additional frequencies into the Beck zapper. It is not possible to shorten the time of treatment through frequencies.



Where is the miniZAP® manufactured?

Manufacturer is Mikas Elektronik Developments, world wide distribution: NU LIFE. Dealer applications welcome!



What if I own already a zapper?

No problem, we accept your old device as partial payment, see our second hand shop.




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