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The Dr. Beck complete bundle for beginners comes with a 5% discount, if you enter our coupon code “beckpro” in the Shop. Note: All prices are incl. 19% tax. For calculation of your import prices, divide by 1.19 to get the net amount and multiply by your conversion rate (USD = EUR * 1.25 per 6/12) .

And that’s how you place your order:

  1. Click on the miniZAP® LCD item detailed view in the shop.
  2. Place the miniZAP® LCD in the cart (visible on the upper right in the shop).
  3. Click on “order”.
  4. Enter the remaining item numbers: 1 x W-0039 for Aquaphaser Classic and 1 x W-0113 for the miniSilver Power (or alternatively only 1 x W-0040 for Aquaphaser Multi), and finally 1 x W-01120 for the Parapulser Magnetic Pulser.
  5. Enter the coupon code “beckpro” in the appropiate coupon field.
  6. Finish your order.




miniZAP® LCD W-0108
Maximum control and comfort for effective blood electrification. Lowest operational costs. The favourit in the big
Beck Zapper comparison study.

299,00 €/
251,00 € net

Aquaphaser® Classic / Multi W-0039 or W-0040

As an replacement (resp. a more effective alternative to an Ozonator)
Art.-Nr. W-0039, Aquaphaser Classic version for 259 € without silver function, but with additional
miniSilver® generator W-0110 for 49,95 € (= 308,95 € total) OR the Aquaphaser Multi version W-0040 with silber function for 299 €. We recommend for producing colloidal silver - as a completion of the bundle - the Watermaker® or Purosmart, because salt free water produces smaller colloids. Voltage: 230 V.

259,00 € + 49,95 €
 (=308,95 €) oder

299,00 €

Beck Ozonator 600 mg / h   W-0049
Profigerät with maximal performance and three diffusor stones. Also suitable for ozone free air ionization. Voltage: 230 V.

199,00 €
167 € net

Parapulser W-0112
Beck magnetic pulser with strongest magnetic field (deep penetration) of 0.66 T. Adapter voltage: 110 V / 230 V


399,00 € /
€ net



1196,00 €


5% bundle discount (voucher code: beckpro)

-59,80 €


 Total bundle price

1136,2 € /
€ net
 (1193 USD, @1.25 conversion rate as of 6/12)