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Colloidal silver
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1 adapter with EURO-plug and integrated alligator crimps, 5 levels, whopping 24 output voltage.


2 Silver rods (99,99%) with container


1 rod bracket of plexiglass



miniSilver® generator manual V1.0 (Ger)
(PDF, 36 KB)

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What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver consists of extremely small solid particles (no ions!). A colloidal silver particle is about 60.000 times smaller than a red blood cell. Colloidal silver already had some 100 years ago a big medical importance and is undergoing a great renaissance in our days.



How long do the silver electrodes last?

For about 1000 liters of colloidal silver (at 5 ppm). The elektrodes dissolve slowly. The included silver rods are extremely pure, they consist of 99,99% silver, have 2 mm in diameter, the length is 90 mm, material is hardened (doesn’t bend easily).



Which water should be used for production of colloidal silver?

The purest and most powerful colloidal silver is achieved with distilled water or reverse osmosis filtered water (you may want to use our Watermaker for this).

Normal tap water contains excessive minerals, which lead to too high conductivity, thereby increasing the particle size of the dissolved colloids. It is therefore not recommended to add salt to the water!

Rule: The purer the water, the lesser the conductivity, the smaller the colloids, the bigger their surface and penetration capability, the more powerful their interaction with micro organisms.

In order to produce the smallest colloids in the shortest time, you need purified, filtered water and heat it up to 80°C and use the 24V or even the 50V version of the miniSilver® generator.



How to store colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver should be kept at room temperature, away from light and air. Whenever possible, use up quickly, use it fresh.



Are there more powerful devices?

Our new miniSilver® Power operates with 50 V output voltage, which is close to the legally allowed maximum of 60 V. It is far too powerful to be used with tap water, therefore you need distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water for it.

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